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Copeland 5 Ton R22 Scroll Compressor ZR57K3E-PFV-930-HVAC Parts Outlet


Copeland 5 Ton R22 Scroll Compressor ZR57K3E-PFV-930

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Copeland 5 Ton R22 Scroll Compressor ZR57K3E-PFV-930

Part No.: ZR57K3EPFV930
Application: A/C
Vendor: Copeland
Voltage: 208-230/1/60
Refrigerant: R22, R407C
Horsepower: 4 1/2
Rated Load Amps: 32.1
Oil: Mineral
Mount (In.): 7.5 x 7.5
Height (In.): 17.75
Shipping Weight (Lbs.): 87
Connection Suction (In.): 7/8 S
Connection Discharge (In.): 1/2 S
Connection Type: Sweat
Capacity (BTUH): 58,000
Run Capacitor (Microfarad x Voltage): 80 x 370
Application by Refrigerant: A/C - R22, A/C - R407C
Engineered Items: Yes
Index Values: Compressor, Air Conditioning, Compressor, Refrigeration, Scroll, Copeland
LTL Only: Yes
Oil_short: MIN
Vendor Number: ZR57K3E-PFV-930

Replaces the following series ZR57K3-PFV, ZR57K3E-PFV H20R583ABC SRD580AC HRM058T1
H20R603ABC SRD580GC HRM058U1
H21R583CBC SRD580HC HRM060U1

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