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Copeland 2.5 Ton R22 Reciprocating Compressor CR32K6E-PFV-875-HVAC Parts Outlet


Copeland 2.5 Ton R22 Reciprocating Compressor CR32K6E-PFV-875

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Copeland 2.5 Ton R22 Reciprocating Compressor CR32K6E-PFV-875 Part No.: CR32K6EPFV875
Application: A/C, High Temp
Vendor: Copeland
Voltage: 208-230/1/60
Refrigerant: R22, R407C
Horsepower: 2 3/4
Rated Load Amps: 16.1
Oil: Polyol Ester
Mount (In.): 7.5 x 7.5
Height (In.): 13 1/8
Shipping Weight (Lbs.): 72
Connection Suction (In.): 3/4
Connection Discharge (In.): 1/2
Connection Type: Sweat
Application by Refrigerant: A/C - R22, High Temp - R22, A/C - R407C
Capacity R22 at +20°F 120°F Condensing (BTUH): —
Capacity R22 at +45°F 130°F Condensing (BTUH): 32000
Capacity R407C at +45°F 130°F Condensing (BTUH): 29300
Displacement (CFH): 423.86
Displacement (In 3/Rev): 3.49
Index Values: Hermetic, Compressors, Compressor, Air Conditioning, Brainerd, Compressor, Refrigeration, Copeland
LTL Only: Yes
Oil Charge (Oz.): 45
Oil Recharge (Oz.): 43
Oil_short: POE
Run Capacitor (Microfarad x Voltage): 35 x 440
Supersede: CR32K6PFV875
Temperature Range (°F): 0 to +55
Vendor Number: CR32K6E-PFV-875   Replaces the following CR32KQ-PFV CR31K7-PFV CRG3-0250-PFV CR32KF-PFV ZR32K5-PFV CR33KQ-PFV CR33KF-PFV H20A323 AH31T13 J*33 MT032-1

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