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Veteran Enhancement Project

HVAC Parts Outlet is a proud supporter of Veteran Enhancement Project

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Veteran Enhancement Project provides veterans the opportunity to learn basic custom painting skills and basic motorcycle maintenance. This endeavor will provide a no-cost service to the veteran who may not be able to afford motorcycle paint or customization, and will provide the additional benefit of learning a marketable skill should the veteran desire to do so.

I strive to maintain a supportive role for my fellow veterans. The daily rate of veteran suicide in the U.S. is staggering, with a large percentage of those contributed to Post Traumatic Stress (PTS). It is estimated that over 400,000 Global War on Terror veterans suffer from Traumatic Brain Injury, and most go undiagnosed and untreated - this leads to PTS issues. Multi-faceted awareness campaigns are crucial in encouraging affected veterans to seek help, as well as in convincing congress to better fund treatment services. I am personally active in the issue of veteran suicide and wish to do as much as possible to help my comrades in arms. I believe Veteran Enhancement Project will be a contributing effort that may help to turn the tide of the daily war our veterans are fighting at home.

Veteran Enhancement Project will provide creative arts therapy and arts skills training that has been successfully used in many programs to support the mental health recovery of our veterans. The veteran will develop a sense of pride by creating a true piece of art, and will be set on the path of self-advocacy and reduced depression. There is also the additional dimension of comradery these veterans will experience as they work with myself and other veterans. This comradery is unique among the services, and something the veteran never stops craving. As a member of a large veteran’s group, I know how therapeutic it is to be with those who have the same issues and may be craving the same thing. Many veterans can’t afford the expense of a paint job for their bike. But, Veteran Enhancement Project will tackle that and more. We’ll help them pour their souls into their work, and with it, create an enduring reminder of their path to healing.

"Enhancing veteran's for tomorrow's challenges"